Decepticon Dominion!

As I have previously waxed lyrical about, the internet is full of terrible things, such as bomb-plans, insect porn and Transformers Roleplay games. The log I will present today has been kicking about the internet for a while, but here I am nailing it to the wall as if some sort of futuristic Martin Luthor.

One of the most… infamous Transformer fans is ‘Raksha’. She whose site was mentioned on for its content which included essays such as “Why the Decepticons are the good guys”; “Why Soundwave is AMAZING”; and of course, “Why it would be good if the Decepticons invaded Earth and annihilated the human scum”. But I’m not here to cast doubts as to the sanity of this individual, since that would be mean. Well, and I’d get insane threats via e-mail.

Anyway, she runs an online Transformers RPG called “Decepticon Dominion” in which the only faction you can play is the Decepticons, since they’re the good guys. Not those evil Autobots. I logged on as a guest to see what I could find, and below are the results. Note especially the part where the Megatron player starts to come onto me, and their policy on TS (roleplayed sex, cries)

And no, this log hasn’t been edited in any way, apart from my software automatically removing the Guest channel tags. And for that, I am truely sorry…


One Mind, Three Bodies Reflector waves to Guest.

Guest says, “Hello there!”

Guest says, “Where’s the list of available characters?”

One Mind, Three Bodies Reflector says, “+availchars”

==================[ Characters Available for Application ]==================
Thrust Thundercracker Skywarp Shockwave Snowscape Buzzsaw Rumble Frenzy Reflector Starscream Space Case Skyjack SunTiger Astrotrain Nightracer Ravage Laserbeak Blitzwing Venom Falcon Bonecrusher Long Haul Mixmaster Scavenger Scrapper Bombshell Skyquake Snare Skydive Calcar Fearswoop Dirge Barrage Ransack Needlenose Windsweeper Ruckus Crankcase Turbo Master Double Punch Sludge Slag Motormaster Dead End Breakdown Wildrider Drag Strip

One Mind, Three Bodies Reflector says, “

Guest looks it over. Oh, all of the Bots are taken apart from some of the Dinos then?

One Mind, Three Bodies Reflector points to the name of the MUSH… ;>

Guest says, “Aaaah”

Guest says, “Sneaky”

Guest says, “So they’ll always /only/ be one winner?”

One Mind, Three Bodies Reflector snickers. :>

Tempest greets!

One Mind, Three Bodies Reflector shrugs. We follow the cartoon, though we take our own twist on it.

Tempest says, “As to winners…well…The Decepticons don’t /always/ win. But the MUSH is told from their point of view.”

Guest says, “…but you can be a Dinobot?”

Tempest says, “We ran a TP where three of the Dinobots joined the Cons.”

One Mind, Three Bodies Reflector nods. Dinobots came over to the Decepticon side.

Tempest says, “Right now though, we dont’ have any Dinobot players.”

Guest says, “Wow”

One Mind, Three Bodies Reflector thinks that we have a Grimlock, though he hasn’t logged in in 6-7 months, but he still has teh char.

Guest says, “Can you have Jazz defect, because then I’ll play him”

Tempest says, “Have you seen the main page? That’s where our theme statement is…and sorry, no. The Dinobots defected when they were just built…that’s a little different than turning traitor after several centuries.”

Tempest says, “

Guest dunnos, and always thought he was dodgy… :D

Tempest says, “We also have openings for Starscream, the Seekerjets, Insecticons, and Constructicons, and some Stunticons.”

Guest says, “Wow, Starscream, really?”

One Mind, Three Bodies Reflector thinks that MM is the only Stunticon with a player…

Tempest nods. He’s a challenge to play, but if you’d like to, you can read the theme files and see if you’d like to app him. Ever played on a MUSH before? If not, we’ll teach you.

Megatron has connected.

Chief Megatron greets all

One Mind, Three Bodies Reflector waves to Megatron.

Guest says, “Wow, Megatron! Mega!”

Chief Megatron says, “The one and only. Can I help you somehow, guest?”

Guest does not know

Tempest would suggest, Guest, that you check out that main page I gave you, and if you have any questions feel free to ask us.

————————— MUSH News Topics ——————————
Our news files are organized by topic. To see a list of entries, look under each of the following categories: news theme files news policy files news character files news misc files

============================[ Policy Files ]========================
news consensual rp (1-3) news ts (1-2) news twink (1-10)

==================================[ TS ]=========================
This MUSH is dedicated to RP first and foremost, and to that end encourages characters to lead full and developed lives. This can include romantic relationships, as Transformers have genders, and some will obviously be attracted to one another. These relationships can go in any direction, provided the direction is consensual, and otherwise themely. Since a type of sexual reproduction is themely, what is commonly referred to as TS or ‘TinySex’ (RPing a sexual encounter) is also themely. (It will in most cases of course not lead to offspring). However, we expect you to use the same common sense and decorum that you would use for just such a situation IRL, and keep the intimate aspects of such relationships private and in private rooms.
========================[ Continued in news TS2 ]=====================

=================================[ TS2 ]=========================
Any relationship and/or TS RP *must be* completely consensual (both players agree to it and are comfortable with the situation), and not impose upon others’ right to feel comfortable. Do not impose unwanted romantic attention upon an unwilling player! Be sure that you and the person you’re dealing with are both considered legal adults. Use discretion when discussing relationship matters with other characters IC, and do not make details public on channels. Again, use real-life as your guideline when it comes to a question of what’s acceptable and where, and do not discuss in public the details of what you wouldn’t *do* in public. For example, a hug or kiss in greeting or holding hands is fine under fitting circumstances (remember that there is still military decorum to consider!), but save the more intimate encounters for private rooms.

Guest says, “Is TSing allowed? I only app on MUs where you can, you see…”

Chief Megatron laughs!

One Mind, Three Bodies Reflector thinks so, as long as its done in private rooms…

Guest says, “Good, good…”

Chief Megatron says, “I somehow like you already. ;)”

One Mind, Three Bodies Reflector oh-nos…

Guest says, “Oh yeah…”

Tempest says, “The official policy is if you keep things private it is your business what you RP.”

Tempest says, “As long as those who don’t want to see it don’t have to.”

Chief Megatron says, “O:)”

Guest says, “Hmmmm”

Tempest says, “And as long as no one is pressured to take part if they don’t want to.”

One Mind, Three Bodies Reflector ois… ;P

Guest yays

One Mind, Three Bodies Reflector wonders again how Megatron has personal information about this policy… ;X

Tempest says, “Nightbird told him *l*”

Guest really just wants a place to idle out of character, and maybe go IC just for ‘action’, if you know what I mean?

One Mind, Three Bodies Reflector tripleblinks.

One Mind, Three Bodies Reflector triplefaceplatepalms.

Guest sees you do. Right, where can I find application forms?

Chief Megatron chuckles.

Tempest says, “On the main page with the address I gave you…under “news files” I think….”

Guest says, “Excellent. I hate getting @fired from MUSHes for my little fixations”

Tempest says, “THe “Action” around here happens on Saturdays, 5-9 pm EST. Sometimes a bit during the week.”

One Mind, Three Bodies Reflector says, “Sorry, but you’ll have to know that all of the femmes here are taken, which puts a crimp in dating, unless you’re interested in an alternative lifestyle choice. :X”

Soundwave has connected.

Guest says, “Wow, you have regularly scheduled TS sessions? Amazing!”

Soundwave waves to the Guest…. :)

Soundwave says, “Not that I’m aware of, Guest….”

Tempest blinks. TP sessions. If you want Just TS, you’re at the wrong place.

Guest says, “Oh right…”

Guest sees what happened there! Whoops!

Guest bahs, and is still interested in apping, since he thinks that he’ll fit /right/ in. Snugly. If you know what I mean?

Soundwave says, “You’re welcome to watch the Saturday RP from the Window to the World room, if you’re curious … also some logs on the logs page….”

One Mind, Three Bodies Reflector says, “Yeah, we had to cut down a LOT of trees to get those logs set up… :X”

Guest is curious yes. About a /lot/ of things…

Soundwave says, “Well, you know the cure for that, right?”

Guest says, “…no”

Soundwave says, “Read up, inform yourself, check out the facts for yourself…..”

Soundwave can point you to the web page, for instance:

Guest says, “Well, yes. But sometimes reading isn’t as good as /experiencing/”

Soundwave says, “True enough….”

Guest nods, and has tried both male and female, company, but I still can’t decide my true calling. Thanks for your advice though!

Soundwave can’t help you there….

Guest pats

Guest says, “Yeah, so anyway, since you’ve let the Dinobots defect, I was talking to some of your friends about if maybe perhaps Jazz could defect, so I could play him?”

Soundwave says, “Er … no.”

Chief Megatron says, “Wrong proposal, guest.”

Guest says, “Oh. Why not? I mean, the Dinobots were /programmed/ to be good guys. It was Jazz’s decision”

Soundwave says, “What would make Jazz want to defect? He’s been fighting for his side for millennia. Besides, would the ‘Cons *want* him?”

Darkslide has connected.

Guest read some fanfic once where Blaster’s sister defected, so it /is/ possible!

Darkslide says, “Whats this?”

Soundwave is familiar with that story. However, we’re talking about very different kinds of characters.

One Mind, Three Bodies Reflector says, “Blaster had a sister?”

Guest says, “Yes, but that’s the easy way out. It would be easy to devise a TP where Jazz would want to defect”

Soundwave says, “Anyway, would *you* trust someone who’d spend his life fighting against everything you stood for, and then turned around and stabbed his comrades in the back?”

Soundwave says, “The Dinobots were mistreated by the Autobots from day one. They never proclaimed loyalty to that cause. Their nature was more in keeping with the Decepticon worldview. So it worked there.”

Guest says, “Well, if he realised that he was fighting on the wrong side all this time, sure”

Chief Megatron says, “Not to mention several want Jazz’ head.”

Soundwave says, “What would make him realize that? Hypothetically speaking?”

Guest does not know. Perhaps he realises that Prime is really the bad guy, or is sent on a suicide mission, or falls in love with a Con femme

Soundwave suggests you write that one as a fanfic, then. ;) Meanwhile we have some nice Decepticons waiting for a player, or the possibility of PCCs.

One Mind, Three Bodies Reflector says, “Again, all of the Con femmes are taken. :X”

Guest would not mind some threesome action

Soundwave says, “Not to mention they wouldn’t give an Autobot the time of day. ;)”

Guest says, “They might if he forced them, if you know what I mean…”

Soundwave says, “Resulting in instantly dead Autobot. Not a bad image.”

Guest bahs

Soundwave says, “Guest, if you’re just here to goof around, I’m sure there are other Mushes that would better serve your needs. If you really want to learn about this place, then by all means do some reading and observation.”

Guest says, “Perhaps Jazz could actually have been hiding /inside/ one of the Dinobots that defected, and so Slag, for example, was just a suit for Jazz…”

Guest pokes. What’dya think?

Guest says, “Could I app an evil version of Jazz then?”

Soundwave says, “No Jazz, Guest. That makes it simple.”

Guest could call him “Anti-Jazz” or something. Give me time…

Guest says, “X-Jazz”, perchance”

Tempest says, “No Car Robots/RiD either *l*”

Guest says, “Jazz-Z? :)”

Chief Megatron says, “I propose, you just watch and read guest. Just in case you are /really/ interested and don’t just want to test us.”

Guest can watch then. I like to watch and learn stuff

Guest likes to feel special…

Guest does not know what he is supposed to watch?

Guest cries and weeps

One Mind, Three Bodies Reflector tripleblinks.

Guest likes to make words on his keyboard. Will you make words with me?

Guest does not like the quiet

Guest scares!

Guest says, “Could I app a tape and sleep in Soundwave? Then I would never be lonely”

Guest pokes

Chief Megatron admits he is just watching you.

Guest says, “So can I app a tape then?”

Guest says, “…hello?”

Guest can be Buzzsaw!

Chief Megatron says, “Read the instruction and try it.”

Guest says, “Huh?”

Chief Megatron says, “Read the instruction, write an application, and you will see if it works.”

Guest says, “Oh right! I thought you meant there was a button I had to push or something!”

Chief Megatron says, “Just the button to send the mail when the application is complete.”

Guest says, “Haha! Funny!”

Guest likes you!

Chief Megatron already has a mate.

Guest aaws

Guest says, “Perhaps you might like me /more/?”

Chief Megatron laughs. “Definitely not.”

Guest aaaws

Guest is /lovely/

Guest is cuddly

Guest will stop talking now then

Guest says, “It’s cold and lonely in the deep dark night”

Guest says, “I can see paradise by the dashboard light”

Guest says, “That was a song, by the way”

Guest says, “Want me to sing some more?”

Guest really feels an affinity with you guys, you know?

Guest can’t /wait/ to app here!

Techno has connected.

Guest says, “Hi there Techno!”

Guest says, “…can I be Onslaught?”

Soundwave has disconnected.

Guest cries

UPDATE: Since I made this log, Sideswipe has been added to the playable characters list, since he defected from the Autobots and found his true calling amongst the noble Decepticons. So I COULD have played Jazz! Bah!

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Monday, January 12th, 2009 Random

6 Comments to Decepticon Dominion!

  1. Bad Matty! No trolling the other MUSHes, even if their theme is absurd!

    Sideswipe’s addition pretty much had me going ‘WTF,’ too. But really, considering the level to which they rewrite/warp all TF personalities, I don’t see why a Jazz would have been impossible. It’s not like most of their guys have anything more in common with the TFs I know beyond name. :P

  2. Sapphirebreeze on January 12th, 2009
  3. I am afraid….

  4. Andy Turnbull on January 12th, 2009
  5. Brilliantly witty escapade. Not that this is any big secret, but the Dinobots are on there b/c the MUSH creator likes the Dinobots. She kills (or almost kills?) Sideswipe in one of her fanfics, so evidently he’s okay to abuse in RP. But she hates Jazz almost as much as Blaster, so no luck playing Jazz with a goatee anytime soon. >;) Un-logic, isn’t it fun?!
    If you want BIG fun, though, log in and app for a rank-and-file Decepticon character, play for a couple of years, get to know everyone and make friends, (especially Megatron in your case, yes?) then reveal that you’re not schmuck Transfan #487 at all but rather one of Raksha’s most hated enemies all along. That stirs up all kinds of insane fun…

  6. Tut-Uncommon on August 12th, 2009
  7. She…scares me.

  8. Dreadwind on August 28th, 2009
  9. @Tut-Uncommon:
    For bonus points, pick a Transformer with tendencies straight from the bio that counter the idea of “Decepticons are nice guys for totes!”
    For instance, the available TFs include Bombshell, Scrapper, Barrage, and Skyquake. Bombshell is a sadistic doctor with lax opinions on free will, Scrapper is an “artist” who desecrates corpses and turns them into sculptures, Barrage is a mad zealot who views a battle with any enemies living as unfinished, and Skyquake is a sociopath wholly devoted to the very concept of evil.

  10. Sumguy on April 22nd, 2012

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