I Love Transformers: Armada Toys

I’m starting with a controversial title, and I’ll continue it here. Armada has been one of the most unfairly maligned Transformer lines in recent years. It came after the Robots In Disguise line, that was low on gimmicks but big on realism and posability. Armada meanwhile was the opposite and was low on realism and posability but high on the fun factor. And fans hated it.

Yet kids loved it. Huh, toys being made for kids, go figure.

Of course, I’m an adult (or I like to think so) and yet these guys line my shelves. I personally think Armada was one of the most solid Transformer lines to date, really exciting, vibrant and fun. And so I’m going to pick out some of my favourites and hopefully pressure you into thinking the same!


Hot Shot

I’ll admit it. Hot Shot is probably the worst of the Armada line easily. He is very flat, his arms are truly atrocious and can only flap up and down weakly, and he is forever staring¬† upwards with a pained, agonizing look on his face › Continue reading

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Friday, February 27th, 2009 Toys 7 Comments

Armada – The REAL Story

Here we go, the minicomic that started a horrific slide of internet memes, got into the margins of comics, conventions and even Hasbro itself. I even got a wiki page out of it! (check that out here - JaAm.) Fanart, kitbashes, crikey. What did I do?

Bizarrely, the actual comic itself isn’t that good. I think it just tapped into some sort of collective fear about how horrifically awful this new Transformer series looked. Thank goodness we were wrong about that, eh?


Anyway, I present to you the original edited Armada minicomic back in its proper home. Often copied, never bettered!

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Sunday, October 26th, 2008 Tall Tales 23 Comments