An Ode to Carnivac

I set out to write an article about the Pretender Beasts. There was a great chance that it would have turned into me wittering about Carnivac for 20,000 words. Then I woke up and read the old TF UK comics with Carnivac in. That chance then rose. Then I started fiddling with the Carnivac I recently got off ebay. That chance then broke the probability of ‘1′ and started rising… somehow.

So yeah. Carnivac

There is a good chance you remember the Pretenders. They were amongst the last lines of ‘gimmicky’ Transformers that were about when the line finally died, from 1988-1989. The idea was simple – you’d have your transforming robot still, but they would also have a suit of armour › Continue reading

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Friday, October 31st, 2008 Toys 2 Comments