Who Is The Phantom Stranger?

DC has over the years had a lot of odd characters, from Deadman (he was… dead) to Detective Chimp (a detective who was a chimp, oddly enough). But by far my favourite was The Phantom Stranger. The Phantom Stranger was what it said on the box – a stranger who was a phantom. No-one, not even the writers knew exactly who he was, and perhaps that was for the best, for nothing spoils a mystery character when you know his secret.

The Phantom Stranger often popped up out of nowhere to give cryptic advice and help, as well as often descending into Hell itself to deal with the demons within. He was a regular in Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing run and also popped up in Animal Man. He always introduced himself as “simply a Stranger” in a voice that always seemed to me very Tom Bakerish. If you could get that effect on the written page.

What were his powers? Well, he had a big hat and white eyes, and sometimes could shoot electricity and um, vanish › Continue reading

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