Actionmaster Thundercracker

Quite a few people have asked me to write about Actionmasters and make fun of them. They’re an easy target – Transformer who don’t transform! What hilarity could come from this?

Of course, there is only one problem there – I think they’re fantastic.

Okay, so they don’t transform. But they’re not supposed to. You don’t criticise GI Joe toys for not having holograms in their chests, do you? In 1990 Hasbro rolled out a new line of figures to try to reinvigorate the ailing Transformers line. They were the Actionmasters.. The idea was to make cartoon / comic accurate toys (because seriously the original Transformers were brick statues that sometimes looked a bit like they did in the cartoons) who were cheap and easy to collect.

For the price of a really expensive original, you could get a pile of characters like Grimlock, Blaster, Shockwave, and even some new ones too. They even came with transforming weapons / backpacks that were all interchangeable, and there were transforming vehicles. They weren’t supposed to be transforming, they were supposed to be fun, collectable and playable, and they did all that and more!

Sadly the line died in America. But in the UK Transformers never went away and so we got a lot more releases including more waves of Actionmasters, some strange Japanese repaints and other unique molds. Today though I’m going to talk about one of the most awesome Actionmasters – Actionmaster Thundercracker.

Sadly I don’t own him, but these pictures were donated by Ralph Burns, a UK fan who makes videos about Thundercracker hunting for sausages to cure the gnawing madness within.

Actionmaster Thundercracker is so bizarre it isn’t true. Most of the Actionmasters were attempts to replicate the original cartoon models, but instead of just slapping some blue paint on the Starscream mold, Hasbro seemed to sit down and take some incredible drugs. › Continue reading

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