Matt Trakker

MASK – The Secret Origin

Everyone has heard of MASK, who fought the fiendish forces of VENOM with only plastic headgear to help them… but how did it really begin? After Matt Trakker’s amazing inventions were stolen by his crooked boss, Miles Mayhem? No, of course not – who would be stupid enough to work for someone with the surname “Mayhem”? The real, unedited, sordid tale, is told in it’s entirety below. You have been warned.


Early one morning, Matt comes across his son, Scott, on his way to school. › Continue reading

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Wednesday, December 31st, 2008 Tall Tales 1 Comment

‘Amazing’ Costumes

 Being such a social moth, I am often invited to parties. Putting on my thick clothes, I flutter towards any lit window and crash through, mingling with my good friends as they point and scream in happiness.

Of course most people like to dress up, and since I am fantastic, I must always wear the best stuff. Perhaps you want to copy me and be awesome? Below are a selection of some of the various costumes I have worn to my scummy parties. Apologies for the amount of photos of myself.

Matt Trakker

Guttingly this is the only photo that remains of this costume. › Continue reading

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Monday, November 3rd, 2008 Random 7 Comments