Decepticon Dominion!

As I have previously waxed lyrical about, the internet is full of terrible things, such as bomb-plans, insect porn and Transformers Roleplay games. The log I will present today has been kicking about the internet for a while, but here I am nailing it to the wall as if some sort of futuristic Martin Luthor.

One of the most… infamous Transformer fans is ‘Raksha’. She whose site was mentioned on for its content which included essays such as “Why the Decepticons are the good guys”; “Why Soundwave is AMAZING”; and of course, “Why it would be good if the Decepticons invaded Earth and annihilated the human scum”. But I’m not here to cast doubts as to the sanity of this individual, since that would be mean. Well, and I’d get insane threats via e-mail. › Continue reading

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Monday, January 12th, 2009 Random 6 Comments